Oil-Free Operation

Zero fuel required

Zero emissions produced

Low maintenance


24x7 continuous operation

Utilize an existing energy source

Heat is just another form of energy, and it is frequently released out the stacks of industrial facilities, power plants, compression stations, and many other facilities. 


Generate revenue or savings

The power the Clean Cycle produces from heat can easily be integrated with the grid so that it can be sold for a steady revenue stream, or directly offset an electricity bill.


Clean Cycle units are pre-assembled to simplify installation and operation


Good applications for heat to power installations include reciprocating engines, biomass boilers, turbines, and other industrial processes


Heat produced by the applications is captured in exhaust streams, water, or steam processes and transferred to the Clean Cycle solution.


The Clean Cycle solution converts the heat into electricity in a closed loop process called the Organic Rankine Cycle.


Electricity produced is grid-ready and is up to 140kW per Clean Cycle unit, equivalent to the electricity used by more than 100 US households.


Proven performance

With a growing fleet of greater than 100 units and more than a million operating hours, the Clean Cycle is a leader in the heat to power industry.

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