Create revenue from your heat

HRS rev chart.PNG

One Clean Cycle unit will generate >$2M worth of electricity over 15 years, assuming 100 kW net power, 8,000 hours / yr and $0.15/kWh electricity increasing at 5% per yr. 



Produce zero additional emissions

The Clean Cycle requires no fuel, and no combustion takes place during the heat to power generation process. As a result, no CO2, NO2, SOx or other particulates are emitted from the Clean Cycle generator.



Generate base-load electricity


The Clean Cycle generates electricity 24x7 (unlike many other zero emission technologies), as long as the heat source is operating. As a result, detailed grid integration studies and load balancing are typically not required.



Relax, it's all automatic

The Clean Cycle does not require a person to operate it, and it will automatically adjust to changes in the heat source including startup and shut-down.


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