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One unit on two landfill gas engines

In the United Kingdom, landfill gas engines supply heat to operate one Clean Cycle unit. One engine didn't have sufficient heat, so the exhaust from 2 x 1MW engines was captured and delivered to the Clean Cycle containerized solution. This Clean Cycle has generated greater than 38,000 operating hours.


Two units on two diesel engines

On a remote island in the Pacific, 2 Clean Cycle units are connected to two fuel-fired engines. Only one of the engines operate at a time, but has enough heat to support both Clean Cycle units, so a clever exhaust ducting system was installed to ensure both Clean Cycle units run continuously, regardless of which engine operates.

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Four units running on the heat of a cement kiln

The four containerized Clean Cycle units operate on a single heat source at a biomass fired lime kiln in the United Kingdom. The Clean Cycle units generate enough electricity to decrease electrical demand on-site by approximately 25%.

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One unit on one diesel engine using exhaust and jacket water heat

A Clean Cycle solution generates power from the waste heat of a 1.4 MW containerized diesel engine, operating continuously. Exhaust heat and jacket water heat are delivered to the Clean Cycle unit in two separate hot water loops. The use of some of the jacket water heat by the Clean Cycle unit can also reduce electricity consumption by the engine's radiator.


Two Clean Cycle units operating on the heat from a biomass boiler

In Italy, two Clean Cycle units generate electricity at a door manufacturing facility from the heat of a biomass boiler. Excess wood and sawdust from the door manufacturing operations feed the biomass boiler that produces heat for the building as well as two Clean Cycle generators.


One Clean Cycle unit operating on a landfill gas engine

In France, a single Clean Cycle unit is connected to the exhaust and jacket water heat of a gas engine that operates continuously on landfill gas. The engine, being located on the landfill, had no heat utilization options nearby, so the Clean Cycle solution was an excellent fit to generate additional electricity and increase the efficiency of the site.


One Clean Cycle unit operating at an oil and gas facility

In Romania, right by the Black Sea, a single Clean Cycle unit operates at an oil and gas facility. Large boilers heat up a steam loop that is used for oil and gas processing. As part of the process, low temperature boiler exhaust was vented into the atmosphere until a Clean Cycle was installed to utilize the low temperature heat and convert it into electricity.